We promise to exchange the item or return the price you paid for the item in full. 0. image/svg+xml. £5.00 If, for any reason you are not delighted with your purchase, just return it to us within 21 days. General Description. £1.80 If, for any reason you are not delighted with your purchase, just return it to us within 21 days. HEIGHT: 40cm SPREAD: 30cm One of our Wicked Ruggeds, a list with our choices for perennials that stand the test of time... rugged, hardy and durable. Campanula Sarastro. Bellflower, Sarastro Bellflower. Care & Maintenance. Plants bear neat stems covered with pendulous bell-like flowers of royal purple that bloom from early summer to early fall. July to August. Campanula 'Sarastro' Bellflower. Long blooming. Common name: Bellflower. Campanula portenschlagiana (Serbian Bellflower) is a low-growing, sprawling perennial forming mounds of flaring, star-shaped, pale violet-blue flowers, 1 in. Introduced by Dutch nurseryman Mark van Kesteren, this sensational easy-care Campanula offers additional enticements: a noninvasive habit, well-branched stalks garbed with attractive heat-tolerant foliage plus fanciful green calyces. HARDY PERENNIAL. Flower Color is Blue, Purple/Lavender and blooms in Spring, Summer. It reblooms throughout the summer if faded flowers stalks are removed. Apply a complete organic fertilizer and a thin layer of compost each spring, followed by a 2-inch layer of mulch to retain moisture and control weeds. The foliage of Campanula 'Sarastro' is light to mid green. One of several campanula hybrids, ‘Sarastro’ is a hybrid of Campanula punctata and Campanula trachelium, with stunning midnight blue flowers held on tall stems. £7.99. Hardy to zone 4. Bare … Zones 4-8 Menu. Plant database entry for Bellflower (Campanula 'Sarastro') with 16 images and 21 data details. Even more dramatic is the variety ‘Pink Octopus’, which has pink, split flowers. The flowers of Campanula 'Sarastro' hang from narrow stems. Campanula 'Sarastro' is a clumping, hybrid bellflower (reportedly Campanula punctata x Campanula trachelium) noted for producing deep blue bell-shaped flowers on slowly-spreading, compact plants that typically rise to 20-26” tall and as wide. Grow in full sun or part shade and moist, well-drained soil. Deciduous perennial. Mostly bell-shaped, sometimes they open to be like flat stars. 1; 2; Show: Sort By: Campanula Medium Double Collection. Grow Campanula ‘Sarastro’ in full sun or partial shade, in moist, well-drained soil. Soil Moisture Average or Moist Care Level Easy . CAMPANULA 'Sarastro' Plant Common Name. Also known as the Bellflower plant, they are easy to care for and low maintenance is required. Jan 11, 2015 - Campanula Sarastro aka Sarastro Bellflower. Open Go Back. Campanula 'Sarastro' is completely covered in long, bell-shape, deep purple flowers on 18-inch-tall stems in early summer. Campanula Sarastro From Christian Kress of Austria's Sarastro Nursery comes this superb bellflower hybrid between two heat-loving species (Campanula punctata x Campanula trachelium). Hardiness rating H7. Pot size 1.5 litre. Botanical Name ... More information on how to care for each format can be found below. Ht.60cm.(2ft.). Campanula ‘Sarastro’ Campanula poscharskyana Adansa®â€˜White’ Campanula ‘Summertime Blues’ Campanula portenschlagiana ‘Miss Melanie’ Campanula glomerata ‘Genti TwisterBell’ Campanula takesimana Campanula punctata ‘Bowl of Cherries’ Upright stems rise above the foliage and are covered with huge tubular bell-shaped vivid purple flowers. Register. Campanula may be grown from seed sown early indoors and transplanted outside after frost, or sown directly in the garden in summer, or planted as a potted plant. I use compost that I buy in bags as top dressing. Good for borders, conta Deer resistant. All prefer moist, well-drained soil. Ranging from robust summer border plants to more diminutive types for rockeries and containers, these easy-to-grow plants have mainly clear blue or white, pink or purple flowers. Special Offers My Account. Great for a sunny or partially shady spot and is even resistant to both deer and rabbits. Campanula, or Bellflower, is a diverse group that includes both low-growers and tall plants. It spreads to form a large clump. Campanula or ‘Sarastro’ is a clump-forming perennial, brandishing a series of sophisticated spires, all of which boast large, bell-shaped, drooping blooms in a vibrant violet-purple shade. Campanula are available to buy in a range of colours below. The plant flowers from early to late summer, and the blooms sit upright on leafy stems amidst a basal rosette of mid-green leaves. Campanula 'Sarastro' ホタルブクロ ’サラストロ’ in my garden. A sterile hybrid, it flowers all summer long and excels in the mixed or cottage garden border, in a moist but well drained soil. Deer resistant. ... More information on how to care for each format can be found below. Believe it or not I used to have a near photographic memory but my film is getting blurry. Campanula Sarastro. Garden Care. Slow, steady spreader. Care for BellFlowers. £15.98. A recent cultivar and probably a cross between native Campanula latifolia and one of the long-belled Asiatic bellflowers such as C. takesimana or C. punctata. Deadhead spent flowerstems to extend flowering season. Pack of 6. We use cookies to personalise content, analyse website performance and for advertising purposes. We promise to exchange the item or return the price you paid for the item in full. All prefer moist, well-drained soil. Campanula sarastro grow and care – herbaceous of the genus Campanula also known as Bellflower, Campanula sarastro perennial evergreen plant, used as ornamental cut flower plant, can grow in temperate, mediterranean or subtropical climate and growing in hardiness zone 3-9.. Leaves color green the leaf heart to elliptic shape with serrated edge. Shorter than 'Kent Belle', it has huge violet-purple bells and a better branching habit. Accessories. Bellflower (Campanula 'Sarastro') in the Bellflowers Database - Garden.org New and Unread Tree-Mails Article by Olga Kotjara. Large, toothed, deep green, slightly hairy leaves form a low spreading mound. Sun to partial shade in a well drained soil. Grows in Sun to Light Shade. Open Go Back. Handsome clusters of purple flowers provide a long-lasting display. Catalogue Code: 5130-1311. Open Go Back. Blooming freely from late spring to early summer, masses of flowers are borne on spreading stems above a … Gardening Advice. May 30, 2018 - Campanula Sarastro aka Sarastro Bellflower. across (2 cm). The stems are strong enough to support themselves ,so will not require staking. They have long bloom times, a good range of colors, and are ‘easy care’ perennials. Moderate water needs in well-drained soil once established. Care … Water plants during the summer if rainfall is less than 1 inch per week. Grows in Sun to Light Shade. Bare … Pack of 18. Deadhead flowers to … Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. Fragrant, dark purple-blue bell-shaped flowers from June to August. Garden care: Protect the tender foliage from slugs and deadhead regularly. Jan 25, 2013 - Coreopsis Moonbeam - Common name:Threadleaf Coreopsis, Tickseed - 1993 Perennial Plant Association's Plant of the Year. The blooms look great a vase. A striking, semi-evergreen, cultivar related to Campanula punctata, ‘Pink Octopus’ has nodding, lantern shaped buds that open as thin, spidery petals of soft pink with red dots. We have found 20 Items. Perfect for dappled shade. Appearance and Characteristics. This new bellflower is a much improved version of Campanula 'Kent Belle' with better branching and a more upright and shorter habit. Size: 2' 0" – 2-1 / 4 ' high x 2-1 / 2 ' wide. Sow campanula seeds indoors 8-10 weeks before outdoor planting date in spring using a seed starting kit. I have had them, for three years or more and have had a few flowers in one area and no flowers in the other areas. May 24, 2019 - Welcome to the famous Dave's Garden website. Clumps of downy leaves and nodding, tubular, deep violet-blue, bell-shaped flowers. I ,too, have this issue with 'sarastro' campanula,, planted in 6 locations throughout my garden. Campanula. Prefers a neutral to alkaline soil. Freely produced soft yellow flowers are a charming addition to your sunny garden. Prefers moist, well-drained, neutral to alkaline soil. Attractive to butterflies. Buy Campanula punctata x Sarastro from Sarah Raven: An excellent bushy campanula with showy deep blue-purple flowers. Buy. Deadhead regularly to promote flowering. Some campanula … Pot size 1.5 litre. (Bellflower) Campanula ‘Sarastro’ shows off large 2″ bells of icy-grape flowers dangling on their stems from early to late summer. No special care is required other than deadheading to prolong bloom. Bottom photo courtesy of Carrie Chalmers. Best if grown in light shade to sun. Sowing Campanula Seed Indoors: Campanula blooms the second year from seed. Christmas. Open Go Back. A Campanula punctata hybrid with a moderately spreading habit – not a runner like other punctatas. The bellflower cultivar 'Sarastro' is a long-lived, slow-spreading rhizomatous perennial developed at Sarastro Nursery in Austria. Buy 2 Packs (50 Bulbs) & SAVE £7 - Buy 4 Packs (100 Bulbs) & SAVE £18 ... Campanula Sarastro - Bare Root Perennial x1 Marshalls. All are planted in sunny locations. Flower Color is Blue, Purple/Lavender and blooms in Spring, Summer. Basic Care Instructions; Detailed Care Instructions; Features. Protect from afternoon sun in warmer climates. Adds a touch of class to any garden planting. Hi All- I previously posted a question about a campanula Mariesii but I looked back in my journal and the campanula is Sarastro! This selection exhibits an upright, spreading growth habit. Each bloom is around 5cm long. The clumping habit, compared to the thuggish Campanula punctata, makes Campanula 'Sarastro' a far better choice for most home gardens. Campanula 'Sarastro' Bellflower. Flowers appear singly on short stalks continuously blooming from early summer right into fall. (PP#16,027) Blooms June–August. Plant Campanula 'Sarastro' in moderately fertile to humus rich, well drained soil.