Krillin killed three Saibaman with one blast, and Yamcha is a bit above Raditz's level when he fought the Saibaman. I believe him cutting Boo was Anime only as well. That way, Yamcha can surprise all the Z-Warriors at once with his newfound strength. RELATED: Dragon Ball Super Failed Yamcha He may not be stronger than Krillin and Tien, but he surpasses other Earthlings like Hercule, Master Roshi, and Chiaotzu. Yamcha played baseball in his retirement (although you can consider it cheating to an extent) and Krillin became a police officer in his retirement. for me, krillin is a bit stronger than yamcha in the boo saga, because he trained with 18 a bit ( a little bit ) and yamcha didn't train never after the cell games, and in the 21 budokai tenkaichi, krillin is a bit stronger too, because he trained with kame sennin and yamcha didnt, is obviously that krillin must be stronger with this conditions. With Yamcha being Yamcha, it’s tough to assess who the strongest pure earthling is between Krillin and Tien. Still, it didn't take long for his power to seem … Yamcha got his girl stolen by the prince of all saiyans himself, Vegeta and Krillin marries one of the more stronger women in the entire series and had a family. Despite this massive difference, Krillin is #10 on the list and Yamcha is #11. Yamcha's BP at level 250 rests at a meager 3,605,049, while Krillin's sits high and mighty at 14,836,176. The only exception I see is Tien secretly getting stronger under King Kai by a massive gap in the months he stayed and Tien continuously training to surpass Krillin during the Buu Arc. While we never really see anything that can give us a direct comparison late in the series, Tien kept training throughout the whole thing while Krillin settled down after the Cell games. I could be wrong, but I presume Krillin is at least slightly stronger than Tien. Krillin is the strongest human by the Boo Arc as stated by Yamcha. Vegeta said he’d be useful in the sense that they’d have a numerical advantage. Krillin was a bit rusty and arguably could've fell behind Tien, but I don't see it. This puts both him and Gohan far above 75,000. Krillin, along with Gohan, is also stated to be of help against 3rd Suppression Form Freeza by Vegeta. I agree that Krillin is stronger than Yamcha, but I would say that Tien is probably stronger than Krillin. Absolutely nothing implied Yamcha or any of the other humans are in the millions. Krillin VS Imperfect Cell was Anime only. Alternatively, it may be revealed that Yamcha has been training in secret, similar to what Master Roshi has been doing. Yamcha could seek out Krillin or Tien as possible sparring partners, but he’d benefit even more if were to train with Goku or Gohan. At the time of his introduction Tien was pretty much on par with Goku. Krillin and Yamcha win with ease. But Tien still manages to find some relevance. Krillin was nowhere nearly as strong as … For an Earthling, Yamcha's pretty strong, despite not getting the credit he deserves. They keep getting stronger and pushing to crazier heights with cool new moves and staunch staying power. Krillin’s last power level was revealed to be 75,000. But as the latter grew stronger Tien, like most of the original cast, took a bit of a backseat. Even though they’ve never fought each other directly, we’re going to take a closer look at both fighters to see which one of Earth’s toughest human champions is really stronger. My gut feeling is to say no, at least for Yamcha and Krillin since both stopped training after the Android saga and neither could do much against any of the androids. Despite that, two humans, Krillin and Tien have stayed at the forefront of the battles that defined Dragon Ball Z. More in the ballpark of 300,000-400,000.