Round 2: Gohan (Great Saiyaman Saga/No SSJ2) vs. Future Trunks (After Cell Saga) Stage: World Martial Arts Tournament. Xeno Vegeks's hair is similar to Gotenks', as he possesses Trunks' lilac hair on the sides of the head, but it differs in style, being wide-opened and having two long bangs. Goku says Goten and Trunks are too inexperienced to fight in the tournament. When scolded by the Lord of Time, Trunks chose to repent by becoming a Time Patrol member, and Gohan eventually joins the group in the the Xenoverse world and beyond. In the past, Dragon Ball Heroes introduced EX Gohanks, an upgraded fusion of the fighters who resembles Gogeta funnily enough. I thought it was kind of odd that Trunks had a bowlcut, Goten's hair was all Goku-y, but when they fuse their hair stands completely up. Its resolution is 615x1004 and it is transparent background and PNG format . EXゴハンクス Future Gohanks wears the same clothes all Metamorans and other fusion characters were seen wearing, a dark blue and yellow vest. Many have hoped for Future Trunks and Gohan to fuse and take over Gotenk’s prized status, but it seems anime fans will have to wait a bit longer still. Trunks’ sword and Gohan’s natural stamina make Gohanks a terrifying fusion to face, and there is more than one iteration of the character. After being frustrated by Gotenks' personality, Pan decided to set up Trunks and the young Gohan to fuse together, in order to create a warrior that surpasses Gotenks. Where as I feel Gohan would get killed, he couldn't even catch Pan, which is around Fat Buu level (in my opinion.) Gohanks' power exponentially surpasses the weaker fusion Gotenks, but his personality was disappointingly similar. Personal Status However Beat has no idea what a Metamo-Ring is and EX Gohanks explains that in a nutshell, it's an armband that allows the wearer to perform fusion. Gender re: SSJ Goten + Trunks (Fusion arc) vs. 7 Cell Jrs I do think Gohan could take Goku out in a single well-placed hit, but that's besides the point. EX Gohanks Yet they always get shot down. Future Gohanks is the fusion dance result of protégé and mentor, Future Trunks and Future Gohan, and it feels like the next step in their training. Male Gohanks' facial features are inherited from Trunks, although his eye color and spiky black hair, aside from a purple colored segment, come from Gohan. Copyright 2020 He laters becomes under the employment of the Supreme Kai of Time. While the fight did save his world, Future Trunks was punished for using a Time Machine and violating his universe’s natural laws. My Hero Academia Gets Into The Holiday Spirit With Terrifying Toga, My Hero Academia Reveals Santa Aizawa in Christmas 2020 Promo, Attack On Titan's Survey Corps Celebrates The Holidays With Festive Art, Dragon Ball Super Shares the Hopeful Fate of New Namek, Baki Cosplay Brings Yujiro Hanma To Terrifying Life, Rick and Morty Freaky Grinch Holiday Promo Released by Adult Swim, ComicBook Nation: Wonder Woman 1984 Spoiler-Free Review & Best Christmas Movies. Race There’s an entire video game franchise dedicated to insane Dragon Ball fusions, but there’s one mash-up that stands above. EX Gohanks says in addition to getting back to where he comes from, he has one more thing to look forward to, which he reveals is their next match and says he won't lose next time. Dragon Ball Super's “Universal Survival” saga is part of the recent simulcast agreement that sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation have scored. SUBSCRIBE! EX Gohanks reveals he is equal parts Gohan and Trunks, courtesy of the Metamo-Ring. ... Fused Zamasu was the result of Potara fusion between Goku Black and Future Zamasu. Future Gohanks retains Future Trunks' skin tone a… Afterwards Beat can rechallenge EX Gohanks to another battle whenever he randomly appears on the same map. See more ideas about dragon ball, dragon ball z, dragon ball super. However, he is still severely outclassed by Beerus and was given a much-deserved beatdown, although he was able to survive. The original fusion was introduced in Dragon Ball Heroes and made through the Metamoran’s Fusion Dance. During the Xenoverse Group, Dial refers to him as Time Patrol Trunks while fighting Cell, and fighting along side him in Age 783, and 785. Future Gohanks exhibits Future Gohan’s scars but also retains Future Trunks’ sword. Pan met a young version of her father in the Satan City found inside the Time Rift.