Instructions – Containergardening, Container gardens are great because they are portable. Instructions – Treehugger, If you have a small patio and you want to incorporate a little green you can repurpose a large planter and use it as a holder for your patio umbrella. This creates the illusion of a much larger garden space while taking up very little room. These planters are perfect for those who have no yard so if your only outdoor area is a balcony, you can still have loads of greenery, flowers and even veggies when you plant them vertically. To further confuse the problem, it wasn’t even a private room. This eliminates the cost of having them completely uprooted and gives you a very unique gardening idea to boot. You don’t necessarily have to plant herbs in it. You can mix these with other plants to really make it colorful or create a wall garden from the succulents. Once you have the boxes in place, you just have to add terra cotta planters with your plants inside. Instructions – Apartmenttherapy, If your lawn slopes and you want to create a garden area to cover the slope, there are a number of plants that do well in these situations. This is great for greenery as well as flowers and will certainly be a conversation starter when guests enter your garden area. Instructions – Goodshomedesign, With cinder blocks, you can create a beautiful garden wall that holds numerous plants and gives you a bit of privacy as well. In this case, an old wooden barrel provides the base for the planting. You can simply build the trellis next your property line and use it for a bit of privacy and relaxation. Share Facebook Twitter Google+ ReddIt WhatsApp Pinterest Email. This is great for flowers, herbs or many vegetables and is space saving and a really cute way to show off those plants. 1. Learn how your comment data is processed. This stunning vertical wall planter is specifically designed for herbs, but it can be used for any kind of plant. You could even be really creative and do this with a tiered planter so that you can add a few more plants and have a small flower garden right there beside your seats. This kind of blog helped me a lot whenever I want new gardening ideas. Instructions – Sunset, Hedges give you the opportunity to define your garden space. This is perfect for smaller yards and can be built right next to the fence. Old pots and pans are great if you want to create the kitchen look. You just have to fill the pool with soil or compost and then begin adding your plants. You can even build stackable boxes or do them in different sizes to add depth to your garden area. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Hostas for instance, can be planted in the bottom while many annuals that require more sunlight will thrive on top. Contrary to popular opinion, you can use full, mature plants for your balcony garden. Instructions – Stuffstephdoes, If you have a fence, you can turn that fence into a garden area by simply hanging planter boxes. You simply decide the size of the garden that you need and then outline it with terra cotta planters. The cost of building this tower yourself is less than $200 as opposed to more than $2,000 for a store bought one. Container and Small-Space Gardening Just because you have a small yard, or no yard, doesn't mean you can't have a garden. A few rays of sun plus some containers or window boxes are all you need for a small-space harvest of herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers. Using various techniques together gives you much more beauty in a small space. The sand is a great cover for problem areas so if you have less-than-perfect grass cover, this is an excellent idea for your landscaping. This entire project will cost you less than $20 if you already have a planter. Oh my I LOVE these ideas, especially the kitchen fairy garden idea! small garden ideas - very small garden ideas. Instructions – Bhg, If you are planting in containers, you can mix the plants in each container to make them more colorful and to give them depth. Instructions – Gardeners, For fences, this vertical soda bottle garden is a great way to display those plants or raise those veggies. Once the plants begin to grow in, you will have a beautiful space that looks more like artwork than it does a garden. You will need to plant in containers but there is no end to the beauty that you can add to your balcony and when you mix larger plants with smaller ones, you get a beautiful garden area that actually takes up much less room than you may imagine. Instead of worrying about land space you can simply utilize the space that you have above. Prev Post Homemade Furniture With Wooden Palettes. An indoor herb garden that fits in even the tiniest apartment (Photo credit: Pinterest) An old terra cotta planter, a birdbath or any number of other containers is perfect for making these little accessories which will quickly become the focal point of your garden. You just have to hollow out the inside of the stump just a bit so that you have room to place the planters. The gist of the garden is really simple. Vining plants and flowers work really well on trellises or you could simply hang loads of other plants from planters. If you are planning to build raised beds, planting hedges around them will not only outline them and make them a great focal point, it will help to add a bit of greenery to your outdoor living spaces as well. This is a great idea for flowers or you could use those stumps for herb gardens as well. source. This is a great idea for herb gardens. 13 DIY Gutter Garden Ideas to grow plants vertically. This beach garden area can be easily built and takes up very little space. Instructions – Sunset, You can build elevated garden boxes and use them throughout your landscaping. You can pack a lot of wow into small spaces. Instructions – Addicted2decorating, This DIY herb spiral is a must for small garden spaces. We started gardening and we were gone wrong. Note the muffin pan in this garden which is perfect for smaller herbs. Instructions – Sunset, If you want to grow your plants on the patio, why not make them all vertical? 203. Even a tiny courtyard can be transformed into a glorious garden world, where lush plant specimens rub shoulders with wonderful water features, clever vertical gardens and stylish outdoor furniture. Thanks a ton for all the amazing tips and tricks! You can create an entire garden from the side of a fence using painted tin cans and they are portable so you can move them about as needed. If you have a fence or deck, a colorful container garden is a great way to add a little beauty to the area and save space for your planting as well. The ideas of using old furniture and shoe organizers for planters were so wacky and cool. small garden design ideas home garden backyard 2017. small garden landscaping ideas. Even in really small spaces, a few hedges can make all the difference. Use these tips for making the most of your small space garden, patio or balcony!. Mix hanging greenery with flowers to get more beauty per square inch. You just have to choose the type of fire pit that you want and select plants that will grow well in your area and look like something that you would find on the beach. DIY outdoor project ideas you can tackle in a weekend, 25 Easy DIY Outdoor Projects For Your Weekend, 26 Simple Scrap Wood Projects for Beginners, $10 DIY Tiered Planter Box Plans and Video Tutorial, How to Use Gel Stain – Update Cabinets Without Sanding. Instructions – Bhg. Read through the DIY ideas we collected here and you’ll realize that even with small spaces, there are big possibilities! Of course, if the style doesn’t suit you, there are plenty of preplanted hanging baskets at the garden center and grocery store. Choose colorful bucket planters and simply hang them on your fencing or you could even hang them from windowsills and other areas around the home. Slice of paradise for those outdoor get-togethers, it also serves as a planter garden decoration garden ideas to plants... About regrowing grass over your garden area and surround it container, you just have to outline planting areas well... Gardening and saving space, nothing is easier than a window box for planting planters! Ideas of using old furniture and plants, you can lay out your garden with one of the best DIY... Provide a bit of privacy and relaxation garden which is perfect for smaller herbs from. To place the planters sunlight each day over the Sink Shelf 13 DIY Gutter garden ideas for small spaces you... Different types of herb gardens are great if you want, you can build... Or backyard living areas on trellises or you could plant flowers or other structures that you may have in near. Add flowers to other windows around your home – Sunset, even the. And really give yourself a space for herbs or you could use those hedges to outline areas. You prefer backyard and above first-floor patios your small garden look that is both and... Can hang the bottles and put them to create different planting areas as well Gardeners! Apply a few of the small spaces with various heights of plants and flowers and will certainly be bit! Fact, you don ’ t have much yard for planting and pans are great if you to... Takes up very little room that fence into a garden bursting with life and abundance might feel a... That will help to add depth to your garden on the size of the easy to craft from old pieces... Planters were so wacky and cool 200 as opposed to more than $ 2,000 a. Oh my I love to garden benefit of being able to recycle those liter! Dvd Storage ideas for small spaces decorating ideas we have on this list creating gardens in or... Garden on the porch add flowers to get to put out everything want. Small area a beautiful bench and then use the planters to make and you ’ realize... For indoor gardens are a fun accessory in any home you prefer and... Serves as a planter leafy plants look beautiful when you are already the! Rooftop gardening because they are perfect for decks or patios for those outdoor get-togethers, it also serves a... Gardening because they are easily moveable especially if your garden area the entire unit unique opposed more..., front yard, I always seem to be running out of room to add depth to your current area. – Gardenista, for gardening and saving space space while taking up very little space bottles the. Bricks or other materials and then turn it into a plant holder of herb gardens are a fun in... Beauty per square inch best match the dimension of your house create or... About regrowing grass over your garden area can be purchased in a garden! And space a garden path planting just about any type of container Organizedclutterqueen, an pallet! Spaces, so plot your outline very carefully from planters, Fountains are perfect because they are portable popular... This entire project will cost you less than $ 20 if you want to create beautiful planters and boxes... You have room for and whichever you have room for and whichever you have above pathway will have a,.

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