My husband tried on trouser in Legato a lovely man's clothing shop. The area is popular for selling all types of high … Also try the local markets. It's for my other half as he fancies getting some jeans and tshirts etc when he is there. 708 likes. Save. Netsel Marina is one of the most popular attractions with a huge shopping area with variety of shops such as yacht equipment shops, brand clothing shops, markets and souvenir shops… Select from our best shopping destinations in Hisaronu without breaking the bank. For lots more choice head a little further to Fethiye which has some great shops for clothing… Always check sizes, if top is in a packet, take it out and check it before you buy. Hi we are visiting olu Deniz in 3 weeks. Clothing World Fethiye, Mugla. Was just wondering where the best places are to buy 'fake' clothing? Market in Hisaronu , smaller than Fethiye but same stuff. Tips on souvenirs and gifts shopping in Fethiye, Hisaronu and Oludeniz shops. To help you plan your visit, here is our guide to the best places and shopping areas in Hisaronu. Just wondering is it cheap for clothing an trainers like other parts of turkey. The shop offers you a range of genuine replica handbags of many other renowned brands that you can shop here with confidence. Clothing Store. Tips; BELLA ROSSO. Hisaronu Everything You Don’t Need to Know. Any … If you like to shop you can pick up ‘genuine’ fake watches and clothes, or locally produced goods, including leather and carpets. The Turkish coastal town of Hisaronu is home to such iconic stores as Nexst, Marc Spenger, Azda and even Selfridgez The shops stock all the goodies you might expect from their British … Type : Marina, Shops. Hi guys, I am new to Turkey and I have gathered that the fake clothes and bags are good, could you tell me where is the best place to buy these goods is it in weekly market in Fethiye or in any of the shops in … Go to Fethiye as much better quality there and more choice. Re Polo Shirts, it's really a case of checking out the quality as they differ from shop to shop… Turtles lay eggs in the sand at certain times of the year. Hisaronu … Clothes are the best buys in Oludeniz, including fake designer labels and even the real McCoy. Go in and do some bargaining, always haggle, if you are going in October you will get a better bargain as the shops will be closing at the end of the month. The local people are very lovely and … Clothes … Enjoy! A small selection of shops with jewelers, clothes, shoes, beachwear and water-sports equipment. Forget buying trainers in Hisaronu unless your only buying them to get a few months wear! It has many shops, bars and restaurants which are spotlessly clean. Baby & Children's Clothing Store Hisaronu is the heart of the city for nightlife, neon lights and dancing. It is situated between Oludeniz and Fethiye. Date of travel: Jun 2009 Hisaronu is a beautiful resort set up in the mountains above Olu Deniz. ! No tips and reviews. Shopping; BELLA ROSSO. It could be your home, holiday home or rental property. For the best bargains, head over to Hisaronu, a buzzing area packed with shops selling everything from counterfeit goods to 24-carat diamond necklaces. Fethiye. Many small, well-stocked minimarkets. Ask any question, but don’t be offended by a ‘stupid’ answer! I know they clothing an trainers are mostly copies just wondering on a rough idea of prices … Up in Hisaronu (bus 10 mins away), JD sports near the mosque has some superb clothes - plus Bling a bit further along. For the best bargains, head over to Hisaronu, a buzzing area packed with shops selling everything from counterfeit goods to 24-carat diamond necklaces. P.s Don't … Many of the shops are selling good quality fashionable clothing … Souvenirs and local handicrafts; plentiful spices, teas and Turkish delight. I have been to Hisaronu only once a few years ago and whilst there found that the quality of the t-shirts/polo shirts ranged vastly between shops.

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