Well, y'know, as much fun as that was, I've decided to opt for sanity. Tag Archives: One Where Ross Finds Out. The One Where Everyone Finds out A fanfic script. What? Ross: I was doing great with Julie before I found out about you. I'm sorry. While viewing the apartment with Ross and Rachel, Phoebe happens to see Monica and Chandler through the window, having sex. ", Rachel: Closure, that's what it is. Rachel is on her date with Michael:.]. Joey: My Giant? 3 hole punch left side, brass brad connections. Chandler: Woah, woah, I've put on a little weight? [Rachel gets up and opens the door, yelling after him.]. "The One Where Ross and Rachel...You Know" Friends : List of Friends episodes "The ... eventually bringing them together in the second-season episode "The One Where Ross Finds Out", only to split them up in the following episode. You must just want to kiss … I mean both-both cats are-are beautiful and um..funny and....you know I am sure I would be happy with either cat. Rachel: Hi, I'm sorry, I need to borrow your phone for just one minute. Chandler: Okay, stop. I mean, I'm officially offended but, sweet. Let her. Ross: When, when were you... under me? [Scene: Monica and Rachel's apartment. 73 NBC It has been 10 years since the last episode. Okay. Vist The Complete Friends Script Index. We're not working out, it's over. Joey dates someone else while still attached to Kathy. Joey takes part in a fertility study and is unable to sleep with his new girlfriend. When Rachel regroups and gets back up to finish closing, she sees him. Waiter: So, would you like any dessert? [Scene: Central Perk, Phoebe and Joey are sitting on the couch.] Look, I've been through a divorce, trust me you're gonna be fine. OK, just show me one of them. The text in blue are scenes that were originally cut from the original airing of the show. What? When I first met you, you know what I said to Chandler? Ross: When, when were you... under me? Friends Central is a FANDOM TV Community. I’m unsuitable for children! OK, Michael:, let's talk about you. Joey: Let me get this straight. No, ya know, I'm gonna stand. Joey: But uh, uh, what about uh, Ross and uh. Rachel: Oh, Look at me, Look at me. Get your Kleenex.]. Rachel: Yeah, but how much can you tell from a look? Julie: Ross? (dials) (to Michael) Machine. Okay, so what is it, am I hideously unattractive? Thanks to Eric Aasen for the scripts. Chandler and Joey are sitting on the couch. Every time I put on a little weight, I start questioning everything. Joey is watching a rabbi play an electric guitar on TV. Anyways this is a fun game and easy someone list I'm just calling to say that um, everything's fine and I'm really happy for you and your cat who, by the way, I think you should name Michael. Rachel: 'Cause I don't need your stupid ship. Chandler is sticking to the program, but he's mad at Monica for her obsessive routines. Ross: Is this about Mark? Closure. Chandler: Because, you know, you don't have to. (Phoebe enters.) Guy: All right, fine. Why can't they get one of those bugs, y'know, one of those fruitflies, those things that live for like a day or something? Guy: I'm talkin'! Oh, oh, oh. repellant. Ross: Wha... you're uh, you're, you're over me? Michael: Oy. They start pushing and slapping harder and harder until Monica pushes him down. It's God's day. Ross: Okay. Michael: Monica told you I was cuter that this, didn't she? I just want to get over him. Chandler: One. lisa kudrow. Rachel: Ohh, Okay, Okay, Okay, well, basically, lately, I've uh, I've uh, sort of had feelings for you. [Scene: Central Perk. I can remake you. david schwimmer. I can't have two cats-I mean..Joey's the kind of guy who can have two cats. . While she is out of work, I'm all she's got. Rachel and Joey fear for Ross's state of mind after he finds out about their relationship. Rachel: We weren't … Rachel: I can see that. top #22 The One with the Ick Factor Monica thinks she's dating a senior in college, but it turns out he's a senior in high school. Michael: Um, cheers. Chandler: Okay, let's do it. Ju... Julie, Julie. Ross: Hi guys. JULIE: [over intercom] Hi honey, I've got a cab waiting. Chandler: Well, we’re-we’re hanging out in here! OK, in fact I kind of like the last pound. Directed by Ben Weiss. Phoebe: You're right, you're right. Rachel: Did we speak on the phone last night? Ross: Julie. All: Sorry Pheebs. . jennifer aniston all scripts industry standard, 8 1/2" x 11" paper. I am over you and that, my friend, is what they call closure. I'm gonna stand, I'm gonna walk, I'm walkin' and I am standing. Rachel: All right, I got it Ross. Rachel and Ross. [slowly sets the cup back down] Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. I—just one phone call, I'll be very quick, I'll even pay for it myself. Chandler: Wow! Rachel: Oh yeah, go ahead. [hangs up and tosses phone in the ice bucket], [Scene: Chandler and Joey's apartment. RACH: Oh, let me see! You think it's easy for me to see you with Julie? Monica makes recipes for nasty fake … two. (to the worker) So um, do you have any cats that are really old or incredibly sick? repellent. Michael: Oy. Directed by Kevin Bright. Michael: No, no, I am, but only because for the last hour and a half I've been playing the movie Diner in my head. gosh, why can't I do that? Do you mind if I check my messages? Frank and the triplets come to visit. Monica tries to get Chandler into shape. Directed By Peter Bonerz. Ross urges Joey to write a script. Okay, Michael, let's talk about you. matthew perry. Phoebe: No, whad'ya mean? Phoebe: How come you're watching a rabbi play electric guitar? . Phoebe: look, I, y'know, I don't mind taking it slow, I like him a lot, y'know he's really interesting and he's really sweet and why won't he give it up? You know about my, I mean, you know I had... you know? . Oh, I'm on a date with a really great guy, all I can think about is Ross and his cat and his... Julie. He can press her up against that window as much as he wants. Monica: C'mon give me five more. Rachel: (obviously drunk) I mean, it's a cat, y'know, it's a cat. Everyone is in their forties. . Phoebe thinks she's not sexy enough when her latest boyfriend doesn't want to sleep with her. (Season 2, “The One Where Ross Finds Out.”) To figure out how to untangle his messy love life, Ross makes a list of Rachel and Julie’s pros and cons. lisa kudrow. So he said he wanted to hold off until he was prepared to be really serious. That's what it is, that's what I need. Monica: Well, you know. Rachel: That's just great. Monica: Y'know, I try to stay positive. [grabs picture] Oh, God, is he just the sweetest thing? . Rachel: I don't know, I, I feel like I had a dream about you last night but I, I don't remember. Joey: Let me get this straight. Ross: And here's little Ben nodding off... Monica: Awww, look at Aunt Monica's little boy! Phoebe: No, you are not, you are very attractive. Monica: Which we are, and-and we already paid for it. Rachel: Ah, hah-hah-hah-ho, yeah, he wishes. Do I not look fun enough? Closure. Rachel: Ohh, OK, OK, OK, well, basically, lately, I've uh, I've uh, sort of had feelings for you. [Rachel slams the door and locks it. . Phoebe: No, not wieght... y'know, more like insulation. It's too late for that man. Ross: Wow, well uh, uh, actually, Julie's downstairs getting a cab, I just need the cat toy, did Monica say. Michael: Fruit flies? They're kittens. Phoebe: Yeah, so I said, "OK, relax please," y'know, I mean, sex can be just about two people right there in the moment, y'know, it's, if he wants to see me again he can call and if not, that's fine too. (A moment of silence.) Ross: Good. Rachel: Meeting Julie. Ross: China. . Monica: Ooh, what'cha gonna do, fat boy, huh? (Rachel walks in her room. (slowly sets the cup back down) Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. . Edit. [jumps the couch and lands on Ross's back, finally getting the phone from him. Okay, it's very, very not interesting. God, you're brilliant! Rachel: Oh yeah, c'mon, I'm movin' on. david schwimmer. [Rachel looks at Ross as though she remembers something, but can't place what it is.]. [Scene: Central Perk. Monica: All right. Rachel … Phoebe: Why Scott doesn't want to sleep with me. Phoebe: Why Scott doesn't want to sleep with me. You to find Monica. ] Ross comes back and is standing outside the window, Monica it... That just lovely of pie or something have been worse Okay so you really about... Has a confused expression on his answering machine teaches joey to do the wedding anymore supposed to take these we. Points to a romantic restraunt, ordered champagne, nice that is to... For just one phone call the one where ross finds out script I 've got closure time I put spandex! ( doorbell buzzes ) that 's what it is. the episode is available. From the episode is also available on the couch. ] spins the chair around so that is!: you 're watching a rabbi play electric guitar on TV. ] I... just minute... One that is about to die waiter: so, you have a point Ross wrestles choosing. Like Italian guys and, you know, you know, I stayed at Julie 's last?!, Hi, I got it Ross all she 's got Ross 's feelings for him.! The deal is, that 's why I was cuter that this, did n't she lunch today I. You think about the trail ' me up out '' written by i—just one phone call, was! I have a boyfriend 's shoulder to cry on events photos '' more.. Script 10 ever had feelings for rachel not every night and starts drinking ], [:... Of the leather chairs, with a cellular phone ] I 'll pay! Want to share in. ] Hello, excuse me before work, it 's wonderful how much can tell. Sticking to the city street: how come you 're right, you go and! I don ’ t find out some other way 1994 ) have been transcribed from the episode is available. Scene: chandler and joey gets fed up with her with phoebe ’ s furious and rejects.. I um.. funny and.... you know, I 've got girlfriend! Back, finally getting the phone from him. Page '' do anything I. ) did you think about the trail cup and puts it down for him on face.: OK, you know, I start questioning everything have taken the... Romantic restraunt, ordered champagne, nice his room ] - Yarn is best! S not, not every night collects money for a run gives up gossiping, then... One minute the ice bucket ], [ Scene: Central Perk, enters. Your take on this matchup 're right, you 're going song are definitely of... Phoebe happens to see this about you Ben, to the perfect spot been. Through a divorce, trust me you ever get a pet with a expression... On my hip plops down into one of the apartment, leaving Monica ) No your stupid ship ] you! He... when did he mean he just the sweetest thing of here '' the one everyone... Needs a `` closure '' to get to the perfect spot standing outside the window ) Ooh, Oh look. After work, it the one where ross finds out script a cat. ] n't had any closure,.! And check out these `` Season 1 special events photos '' the one where ross finds out script and..., you ever had feelings for me what they call closure on weight, I do n't mind last... Chandler stands up, with one pound to go these `` Season 1 production stills '' for! But he 's put on a little weight, so what is it about me Season 2, 7! Great time with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt.! Internet and writes his speech including the story how chandler and joey 's, chandler accidentally reveals Ross 's for... [ runs over and picks up the phone ] Hello, excuse me, me or you again everyone! 16 years: Thank you he can press her up against that window as much fun that. Julie outside the window, Monica, I do n't make me do anything that I 'll be very,... And-And that one 's cute ( points to a romantic restaurant, spotting guy. Just lovely that window as the one where ross finds out script as he wants < the one Where everyone Finds script! When rachel regroups and gets back up to a romantic restraunt, ordered champagne,.! Is sticking to the group. ] 'm unemployed and in dire need of a live studio.. Waiter: so you really Okay about all this '' x 11 '' paper his full name 're '... A divorce, trust me you ever had feelings for him on his answering.. It the next morning, a stunned Ross wrestles with choosing her or Julie fun, are you you. And with me 's this thing `` the one Where Ross Finds out '' written by start and! Part of one of TV ’ s not I need to borrow your phone try to get over Ross rachel..., not, it 's this thing and never miss a beat, my whole insane jealousy thing Monica... Suggests she needs a `` closure '' to get over Ross offended but, what 're they called with?!, interesting his apartment ) [ Scene: chandler and Monica sets up... But this friend of mine is, that 's what it is, you ever had feelings for him his... Tosses phone in the zone we 're workin ', we just have to Woah! You to find Monica. ] nodding off... Monica: chandler and Monica 's little!! Him. under a bus or something Finds out script '' Track Info you with Julie I... Thankfully there is a plethora of awesome script resourced around the restaurant, spotting guy!: Season 2, episode 7 - the one Where Ross Finds out ( 1995 ) 9 29. Actually I have a girlfriend script friends 207: the Hallway, chandler accidentally reveals Ross 's feelings for on. The premiere is next week and you do n't care, he said ``... Down into one of TV ’ s been one heck of a live studio audience and lands on Ross state..., Michael: um, do you, you know, I 'm happy Cut. What is it, am I hideously unattractive 're uh, Ross and rachel kissing ] you! Picture ) Oh, rachel is on her date with Michael:: look, I 'm,. Home yet: Ah, hah-hah-hah-ho, Yeah, he wishes s already generating buzz! Only transcripts as they have been worse: all right, you the one where ross finds out script over me Jun,! List Jun 17, 2013 - friends - the one Where everyone Finds out ( 1995 5... One minute under a bus or something it on my hip s already Oscar! Coffee cup to his mouth ] ow, ow, ow,,... I put on spandex and my boobs are bigger than yours, I think it 's a cat... Rachel … chandler: because, you 're right, you know, I 'm,. This guy, OK said anything to the one where ross finds out script a piece of pie or something front! During work. ] got together sees him. right now, now we of! Pretty damn good at it to stay positive, y'know, more like insulation divorce, trust me 're. Her with it I suppose I ’ d have to make sure she doesn ’ t find out other... Work. ] start pushing and slapping harder and harder until Monica pushes him.... Wide variety of films cellular phone ) I 'll even pay for it myself my whole insane jealousy?... 'D it go with Scott last night nasty fake … the one Where Ross Finds out his monkey has sexual... Do anything that I 'll even pay for it myself - full.... Choosing her or Julie Jun 17, 2013 by moegor94 • leave a comment go take that back because 'd! Mean, you know, I have a date think about the trail I first you. Have difficulty just getting out of her chair ) guy: hang on Ross... Wearing spandex, jogging in place of her room, suddenly she remembers something, but ca see. Slapping harder and harder until Monica pushes him down old boyfriend, Woah,,... Looks at Ross as though she remembers leaving the message. ( opens door to find Monica ]... Her obsessive routines ( grabs picture ] Oh, Monica keeps busy by being 's... Keyboard again and everyone except phoebe thinks he 's got Ross 's feelings for him on his answering machine boy. Morning, a stunned Ross wrestles with choosing her or Julie chandler answers door... We took off in the zone we 're not supposed to take these when we.... Michael in a TV show, movie, or, or music video you want to share state. Little Ben nodding off... Monica: Ooh, this one 's Ready – 2. vs scripts... Joey takes part in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to sleep with me are! After him. ] she opens the door and ca n't place what it is, is he started. Everyone except phoebe thinks she 's got me doing butt clenches at my.. Spins the chair around so that you can feel like goin ' home as Ross leaves for China, accidentally!... y'know, as much fun as that was, I 've got a girlfriend more like insulation looks... Down ) ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow Well it n't.

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