Aug 28, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Tekkin Jedi. You must listen when someone else is speaking and only talk when it your turn. Sit and stare into space? timed pair share, etc. Talking Chips Each has “chip” – when one speaks, s/he lays down “chip” and can’t speak again until all others have Predictions, interpretations, conclusion, solutions, discussion when each person’s ideas are essential; teambuilder, can limit by # of rounds Timed Pair Share … Rally Table: Shoulder partners Rally Table answers. Specify the amount of time each person in the pair will have to share (30 seconds to one minute). 55 Cooperative Structures. 2.Teacher gives you “think time”. Subjects: For All Subject Areas. ADVANCED TIP: What should you do if you have an odd number of pupils leading to a group of 3? 8. On further investigation, I found what was often happening in my ‘talk partner’ pairs was this: -one partner dominated the conversation, doing all the talking and not letting the other person get a word in. This is very similar to Think Pair Share, but set a timer for how long the students have to discuss. Rally Robin Responses 7. Ask your partner questions to get them talking again until the time is up. Here’s what I now say: Initially, yes. Teacher calls time. 6. 8. 0000003403 00000 n In addition to fostering social skills, this strategy also improves students' speaking and listening skills. How I previously used ‘talk partners’ in a lesson: “Do you think a car is alive? So, give students a chance to think. Timed Pair Share J. Naccio 2007 4 Using the topic given, the partner that _____________ goes 1 st . Discover (and save!) Cooperative Learning-Timed Pair Share. In sharing their ideas, students take ownership of their learning and negotiate meanings rather than rely solely on the teacher's authority (Cobb et al. Today I am going to discuss one of the most effective structures known as Timed Pair Share. $1.50. To encourage listening, I introduced the Kagan structure called ‘Timed Pair Share’. Students stand up and keep one hand in the air until they find a partner. Timed Pair Share. For example: You give 1 minute of talk time for round one. Students who haven’t found a partner raise their hands to find each other. %%EOF 4.Teacher calls “time”. Topics can be favorite pizza toppings, favorite subject in school, type of music, hobby, pets, sports, etc. In some instances, the structures seem to favour pure enjoyment rather than focusing on the learning. Types: Student interest inventory thinking map circle map kagan timed pair share Students may be asked to paraphrase reasons of those from other corners using RallyRobin. Kagan Structures WALT– introduce Kagan structures in order to broaden teaching and learning methodology WILF improved knowledge of Kagan structures and will be familiar with approx 6 structures to consider how the key principles of Kagan and how these can … (Re-read Monday story if you want). Timed Pair Share. Grade Levels. Topics can be favorite pizza toppings, favorite subject in school, type of music, hobby, pets, sports, etc. What is Kagan. This "Timed-Pair- Share" is also from the Kagan Cooperative Learning Strategies. In my last post I introduced cooperative learning, specifically Kagan Cooperative Learning. Timed Pair Share. Then, perhaps try a timed pair share and see if you think the children look more engaged. Your email address will not be published. 0000000016 00000 n There is a great deal of psychological research demonstrating that situations determine behavior. 7. Jul 29, 2015 - I use a lot of Kagan structures within my classroom, and this is a great way to incorporate that into yours in one easy step! It sounds silly, but if you just use unstructured talk partners, then at the end of the year there’s a chance that some of your children have actually barely spoken, as their partner has always dominated the discussion. 1. Stand Up Hands Up Pair Up. Discuss with your talk partner what you think and why.”. I set my timer on the board again for a minute. 0 To evoke longer responses, a teacher could use Timed Pair Share, where each student shares for a predetermined amount of time. They know how to take turns and listen’. After the 1 st partner shares one thing, partner 2 shares one thing; repeat. 0000004244 00000 n Present a problem to the students. You must listen when someone else is speaking and only talk when it your turn. Round Robin. Teacher leaders from across the district and in each building have been trained in Kagan structures for use in the classroom and in-turn have continued ... Each student in the class gives several answers. 4. NOTEBOOK (224.11 KB) This Smartboard provides directions for Timed Pair Share and a timer. Pairs Compare: Pairs pair to Round Robin their answers. Mainly, it facilitates the Essential 5. Kagan‎ > ‎ Timed Pair Share. The teacher announces a topic, states how long each student will share, and provides think time. Think-Pair-Share Kagan Structure Think Time: 30 seconds Pair with Shoulder Partner Share your thoughts: 1 minute Each person shares their thoughts on the question-What is author's purpose? A. Timed Pair Share B. The teacher then asks a question out loud and gives students think time, 3 to 5 seconds that will allow the students to come up with an answer. Teacher provides a question that has multiple possible responses and provides think time. Make sure that the group of three splits that time so that one pupil gets 45 seconds and then the final pupil in the three gets the remaining 45 seconds. In pairs, Partner A sh!ares, Partner B listens.! Pause for “think time.” Partners do traditional think-pair-share, brainstorming as many ideas as they can in a set amount of time and writing their answers down on a piece of paper. Interactive Whiteboard. The teacher announces a topic, states how long each student will share, and provides think time.!! That means Partner A will be listening. 1991). The think, pair, share strategy increases the kinds of personal communications that are necessary for students to internally process, organize, and retain ideas (Pimm 1987). NOTEBOOK (224.11 KB) This Smartboard provides directions for Timed Pair Share and a timer. Most Kagan Structures are designed to increase student engagement and cooperation. Okay, now we are going to swap over roles. Talking Chips (communication skills) This activity equalizes the opportunity for participation. Having the timer visible on the board means that your children will start to manage their time and will (eventually!) This strategy fits my teaching style. • Timed Pair Interview * • Timed Pair Share • Traveling Star * * = no definition for this structure C:\Users\Melody Shaw\Documents\1add to website\Cooperative Learning Kagan Quick Reference Guide.doc page 7 For All Subject Areas. The Think-Pair-Share activity gives them the opportunity to feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts. 4. 1 In my last post I introduced cooperative learning, specifically Kagan Cooperative Learning. To practice vocabulary, a teacher might implement Match Mine, where students sit behind barriers and one partner (the "sender") places items in arrangement. xref ! In this strategy, a problem is posed, students have time to think about it individually, and then they work in pairs to solve the problem and share their ideas with the class. Different structures have different functions. The power of situational variables to control behavior also can work for good. TIP 1: Discuss in advance that you will be selecting someone to share what their partner was saying with you, as this encourages listening even more. (Re-read Monday story if you want). 0000004023 00000 n It is good to switch up who the students share to every so often. RallyRobin. Timed Pair Share. I really noticed this issue when I swapped my end question to ‘what did your partner tell you?’; a LOT of the children couldn’t tell me anything their partner said at all, because they hadn’t been listening. Grades: Kindergarten, 1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th, 5 th, 6 th, 7 th, 8 th, 9 th, 10 th, 11 th, 12 th. 56 Cooperative Structures. Here are just a few of my favourite one's with information about how I've used them within my teaching of Computing. Kagan Timed Pair Share Smartboard. In pairs, students share with a partner for a predetermined time while the partner listens. Idea 205: Quiz Quiz Trade Differentiation Top Tip. 2. 0000000830 00000 n Okay, Partner B is going to talk first. The process continues until all pairs within the team are exhausted or time runs out. RallyRobin. To encourage listening, I introduced the Kagan structure called ‘Timed Pair Share’. You have 30 seconds…go!" Three-Pair-Share ; Students share on a topic three times, once with each of their teammates. 4. Two classic experiments demonstrated that given specific situational variables, good people will perform terrible things—administer lethal shocks, invent and carry out sadistic punishments. That student speaks about a specified topic for a specified length of time. Each of my tables has a number. Engagement is vital in a primary classroom, but some of the structures are a little conceited. Share; Like; Download ... write the names of or picture the people who are most important to you or have influenced your life.
Timed Pair Share (Kagan Strategy)
At this time, students will need to pair … Timed Pair Share. Teacher asks a question or gives an assignment. Tell your shoulder partner what you did this weekend. Note: I have pupils sat in table groups of 4 with each pupil 'labelled' as in the diagram below. The other student listens quietly and can nod or smile, but cannot speak or interrupt the speaker. $1.50. Students mingle, mix, practiced meeting and greeting, and find a 5.Partner B thanks and praises Partner A. Teacher says “Stand up, hand up, pair up!” Students: stand up with one hand in air until you find the closest partner who is not your teammate. He developed the popular brain-based, cooperative learning, and multiple intelligence structures like "Numbered Heads Together" and "Timed Pair Share," which are used in classrooms worldwide. 2. Timed-Pair-Share or RoundRobin. Use this powerpoint presentation to move through questions that teams of two can ask each other. %PDF-1.4 %âãÏÓ Using a pair structure such as Timed Pair Share, it takes but two minutes to give every student in the class a full minute of language output opportunity. To be used with Kagan style lessons or as an active learning activity for pupil pair work. Some of you might be thinking ‘Well, that’s all well and good for your little ones, but my Year 6 class doesn’t need that. Then, partners switch roles. They should be noticing that both balls landed on the ground at the same time. Knowing Which Structure to Use. Teacher provides “think time”. Audrey's Academic Tools. your own Pins on Pinterest I set a timer on the board for one minute.

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