Definition - What does Integrated Software mean? Reading achievement is a leading factor in success in all curricular areas. Introduction. Here I provide a specific example of a topic covered in a CLIL style. Although the sentences that we hear or read have meaning, this does not necessarily mean that they are also true. 1. the action of incorporating a racial or religious group into a community 2. the act of combining into an integral whole 3. an operation used in the calculus whereby the integral of a function is determined Familiarity information: INTEGRATION used as a noun is uncommon. Integrated software is a collection of software especially created to work on closely related programs. It presupposes diversities and the idea is to bind the parts together. Relatively little is known about the critical brain structures for, and the relative time course of, establishing the meaning and truth of linguistic expressions. Ogburn and Nimkoff (1958) observed ‘Integration is a process of creating a single unit by joining different parts.’ In other words, integration is a process […] integration meaning, definition, what is integration: the combining of two or more things so t...: Learn more. Dictionary entry overview: What does integration mean? Cultural integration is the blending of two or more cultures. • INTEGRATION (noun) The noun INTEGRATION has 3 senses:. ADVERTISEMENTS: Integration: Meaning and Methods of Integration! These approaches include immersion , content-based instruction (CBI), content-based language teaching (CBLT), and the … The culture may exchange their practices, beliefs, ideas and rituals. The integration of content and language learning in English as an international language (EIL) is found in approaches to bilingual education. Meaning: Integration, literally, means to make up whole out of parts. integration (n.) 1610s, "act of bringing together the parts of a whole," from French intégration and directly from Late Latin integrationem (nominative integratio) "renewal, restoration," noun of action from past participle stem of Latin integrare "make whole," also "renew, begin again" (see integrate).Anti-discrimination sense (opposed to segregation) is recorded from 1934. Integration of Word Meaning and World Knowledge (this information is current as of July 12, 2007 ): The following resources related to this article are available online at The reader decodes the words on the page, applies his/her prior knowledge, and creates meaning. See more. In previous methodology articles I have outlined the theory behind Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and provided a framework for CLIL-type lessons, particularly suited to learners studying content-based subjects in English or as part of a bilingual education programme. These are used in personal computers where the most commonly used and most similar programs are grouped together in one application in the form of a … Integration is only possible when the cultures do not have to sacrifice the characteristics that make them unique. Integration definition, an act or instance of combining into an integral whole.