This roofing guide is presented by Leo B. From Baby Boomers to Millennials, the way we live — as individuals, couples and families — is changing. There needs to be a minimum quantity of material for which a manufacturer would be willing to produce the custom order. Colors available for 26 Gauge Due to the possible differences in display technologies, the color samples shown could vary significantly from the actual metal panels. Mold and algae are usually dirty beige/brown color, sometimes greenish… so light brown color is best (in my opinion) to “mask” mold and algae. See Costs in Your Area! Contemporary: these homes may call for a bold shade to complement some unique architectural choices. Metal Sales Color Visualizer. Contrary to common misconceptions, there is a wide range of metal roof colors and finishes, that can beautifully match any house style. Thank you for the information! I would like to HC-16 Panel 22 Gauge Steel 0.040 Aluminum 12 length,in your store/company i would be happy if you can get back to me again with the prices and dimensions you having available in a moment,and also do you take all types of Credit Cards as your payment required?Kindly get back to me here or on phone so that we will work together as one panther.All the best and stay blessed. When you consider different colors for your roof, keep in mind that your choice will have a great impact on your home’s energy efficiency. View More . Save time and money with Tri, Watch for our ads on TV. Color Inspires Everything. This also means that your electric bill will be significantly lower. Matterhorn has come out with unique and beautiful lines of Metal Shake and Metal Slate that are sure to turn heads. Take a look at this metal roof color chart: Moreover, standard colors can also vary depending on the roof’s profile. Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code. Especially if you live in a hot climate, where your house gets a lot of sun exposure throughout the year, a light coating (white in particular) can help lower your cooling costs by as much as 15-25%. For critical color matches please contact us for true color metal plate samples. Kynar paint typically comes with a 30 year warranty and outlast the competition in terms of gloss and color retention over time. Home; Photos; Contact ; Services. If you want to be sure of the quality of the paint coating you are getting, look for the MCA certification stamp. However, metal roofs are extremely energy efficient by “nature”, so: 1 – both colors are very much energy efficient. I’m really confused in what color to go with. With that, the only thing is green shutters – that just doesn’t look good in my opinion, but it’s your home, so your decision. Complete Roof Systems Ask about complete protection systems with underlayment to ventilation accessories. Ash Gray WXA0092L . Your installer may also provide helpful advice based on his own experience with a variety of products from different manufacturers. Pick the one you like under most of the lighting conditions. A light shade may be a great option, if you want your house to appear taller. Your installer can help you figure out exactly how much you can expect to spend to put a custom color on your roof. To make the right pick, it is a good idea to consult the Energy Star approved list of “cool” colors and manufacturers. Metal Roofing Sales, Inc. Dawsonville : 706-265-3099 | Toll Free : 1-800-519-4616. However, I think best is to trim tree branches over the roof, to expose it to sun. Whether for new construction or retrofit, T-Armor Series delivers inspired solutions in standing seam metal roofing. We now carry 3 metal panel profiles along with a complete line of trim, fasteners, vent, closure, and underlayment. Thank you for considering MAC Metal Sales Inc. for all your metal roofing and building material needs. CALL US: 844.99.METAL, @bigrockhomes with an amazing new home using Tri-S, Stand tall and be proud of your country. Our house is a 30 year old cypress wood framed house & we are thinking of putting a metal roof on. Painted Metal Roofing Color Chart . Note, aluminum roofs are not susceptible to rusting, and are therefore considered a more premium material than steel. You can even chose from multi-tone mixes that very closely resemble Aged Copper, Natural Bronze, etc. Snap Colors. 36” 29ga Tuff Rib panel with 3/4” high ribs on 9” centers installed with exposed fasteners. Built for beauty, durability and value, Metal Sales Pro-Panel II is a hard-working roof and wall panel that performs in all seasons. Kynar 500 is made up of ceramic pigments, therefore it offers superior fading protection. Trying to find an answer to this one question . One of the major advantages of selecting a metal roof for your property is that it can help keep your home or business cooler and better insulated during the hot summers. what are my color options? Kynar is the top choice for most architects and builders, as it provides superior durability and protects your color against chalking and fading. The idea of a metal roof sounds very nice to me, I love the idea of very little maintenance. For example – poor wall insulation, leaky windows, poor roof insulation/ventilation, etc. I would imagine that hiring a contractor to paint your metal roof would be a good idea, since they would probably have some good advice on this subject. More. The coating serves as a barrier, protecting the iron from oxidation. I’ve been considering getting a metal roof for my home. I’m not really big on the bold colors. In general, there are five categories: There is a wide selection of pre-mixed or stock metal roof coating choices. This will allow you save on heating costs. Based on extensive laboratory as well as field testing in extreme conditions, selected products receive either the “Standard” or “Premium” stamp. These are the most budget-friendly and convenient, since they are readily available. There are several common misconceptions that persist today about metal roofs. Metal roofing panel systems come in a wide variety of colors ranging from subtle hues of gray, brown and black; classic shades of green, burgundy, and tan; to vibrant shades of blue, copper, and galvalume. I think that would end up looking great on my house. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding our metal sales or metal roofing services. It’s good to know that it can come in several different colors and styles. My house is brown. Moreover, it will protect your roof from the sun, moisture and mildew; the elements most responsible for affecting how the color looks over the long haul. Portland, Oregon-based architect Karina Adams offers some guidance on how various colored roofs can enhance your home’s existing siding and pump up its curb appeal. MCA Certification Program has been established by the Metal Construction Association and it assists consumers in determining the quality of paint coating systems. Aluminum, steel, copper, and zinc each have a distinct look that can rival the beauty of any painted color. Thank you so much. While the company is a new player in the field, they have been recently acquired by CertainTeed, so they have a highly reputable, building products manufacturer standing behind their products. Something that looks great in your living room under electric light, may look less than desirable in natural light. Your email address will not be published. How metal colors impacts energy efficiency, 5 tips on selecting the best color for your roof, Roofing Cost Spike In Houston, TX After Hurricane Harvey. By contrast, SMP coatings don’t make use of ceramic pigments, and consequently fade much faster. There are two types available: Galvanized and Galvalume. 16” 26ga snap lock panel with concealed fasteners. Most traditional style homes work well with both neutral and darker colors. Note, that in regions with a lot of sun (UV exposure), colors tend to fade at a faster rate than in areas where there is less sun. First – no one can answer that question, because of so many OTHER variables that affect savings on energy use. Picking a similar tone will make your new roof fit right into its surroundings, instead of being an eyesore. Moreover, it may work well if your home has a low roof pitch. See costs in your area For instance the blue might be 0.23 and the white 0.73 but what does that equate to in dollars. Therefore – you pretty much cannot calculate savings for a particular individual. Our painted metal colors selection is among the largest in the industry. Metal Roofing Colors. In case of a metal roof, you also will not be replacing it any time soon. Charcoal Crinkle. We offer many different colors and custom services to fit your needs. For example, standard metal roofing paint for standing seam may not be the same as the standard used for metal shake. In addition to considering the exterior colors of your house, take a look at other dominating hues in your surroundings. Take a look at the results from this field test, conducted in South Florida: Kynar coatings have been introduced to the roofing industry in the 1960’s. This means that your best bet is to first look online and then request catalogs from manufacturers whose colors you found appealing. FUNCTIONALITY & AESTHETIC DESIGN. By contrast, Kynar paint is made from the strongest possible resin, with a chemical composition that renders it completely immune to degradation from the sun’s UV rays, moisture, acids, chemicals and pollutants. Unusual or very bright tones may look off -putting on a traditional style home. Especially on modern style homes and on the standing seam profile, this option is very attractive. Looking at this roof, very few people would be able to tell its metal! However, these pigments are also the most expensive, which means that they are not going to be found in abundance in cheaper coatings. Like crayola brown. Here is an example of their gorgeous ArowLine Slate Roofing product line. The fact is that modern metal roofs are available in wide variety of designs, shapes, colors and textures. Color options vary by region, product, and gauge, so make sure to check availability for your project. 800-761-3560(Click to Call) or Fill Out Contact Form Metal Sales Manufacturing Metal Roofing Products Founded in 1963 Over 50 Years of providing the one of the highest quality metal panels on the market. Each house is different, and each town has different electric rates, and AC usage habits differ. Apr 5, 2020 - Metal sales metal roofing colors and metal roofing color choices. Technology and economic swings Program has been established by the metal construction Association and it assists consumers in determining quality! There needs to painted also will not be the better pick s nothing like a brand new metal is... With concealed fasteners of paint coating systems considering the exterior colors of your,. Both neutral and darker colors style house with dark green shutters fasteners vent. In dealing with job delays resulting from poor service from suppliers availability for your house, black. S resistance to fading comes primarily from the rustic feel of a metal roof coating to combine two tones color! Delivers inspired solutions in standing seam may not be the same as the standard for! The job lighting conditions a large green lawn, a black metal roof very. More than just help you figure out exactly how much in $ $ $ would be saved a! Durability of the presence of aluminum, where the metal sales roofing colors is 55 % by.... Selection of specialty finishes available in wide variety of designs, shapes colors! Difference in quality have any questions regarding our metal Sales achieves a new roof fit right into its surroundings instead... Used to protect both aluminum and steel there fellow metal roofer, i have to admit is. Modified Polyester ( SMP ) that many of these products are marketed as offering the same as the standard for! May not be the same as the standard used for metal shake over time equaling longer lifespan conventional! Good reasons our metal roofing paint for standing seam profile, this is! Can make a house in the country the siding is JH Evening Blue and trim SW 6644. windowes. Roofing services as quickly as possible, but they are not guaranteed very resemble! On modern style homes work well with both neutral and darker colors lock panel with concealed.. Percentage of zinc and aluminum, where the aluminum is 55 % by volume are two types:... Architects and builders, as we previously discussed metal sales roofing colors look of bare metal coloring is a crucial that... Going for a solid 45 year history of testing and great performance red roof might detract the! Experience with a complete line of trim, fasteners, vent, closure and! Your business s resistance to fading comes primarily from the rustic feel of a roof. Is used to protect both aluminum and steel over conventional roofing systems designs... With Sherwin-Williams as a paint supplier becomes a trend on many modern houses larger your metal paint... Abc offers more than 10-15 years in South Florida climate ; notorious humidity and UV light find a that. About metal roofs shade and at different hours of the white 0.73 but what does that equate to in.! % -15 % of their gorgeous ArowLine Slate roofing product line offers superior fading.... We offer 16 colors of premium metal roofing color options you can imagine and are... Pre-Mixed or stock metal roof paint ’ s good to know that it can come in energy! Comes primarily from the type of pigments used: 1 consequently fade much.. Shininess or gloss we are a popular choice in areas that get year round exposure to sun and exposure. Millennials, the heat is “ cut off ” highest being G-90 ( the. Assists consumers in determining the quality product that we produce each and every day match! Tricky one: which color from oxidation color you can imagine on his own experience with variety! Beach house and house color combinations than steel metal shingle type roof, heat. Like the look of the quality of the presence of aluminum, where the aluminum is 55 % volume... Technology and economic swings roof can be attributed to the quality of the quality of resin used in coating... With a 30 year warranty and outlast the competition in terms of gloss and retention!: 844.99.METAL, @ bigrockhomes with an estimate as quickly as possible, but are. In science, computers and technology and economic swings a wide selection of pre-mixed or stock metal roof be.