Curious, Vegeta looked down to see Naruto and Sasuke fighting, with Sasuke kicking Naruto across the ground. Vegeta then kicks Magetta off the stage. Vegeta then responds in an annoyed tone not to call him mentor, yet Cabba still calls him mentor, making Vegeta still a bit annoyed but he just ignores it. Cabba (Super Saiyan) vs Vegeta (Super Saiyan). Vegeta along with everyone else, including Beerus and Champa is stunned when Goku suddenly blocks Hit's attacks and begins to actually lands blows on him, much to Vegeta's annoyance. Vegeta notes that Cabba has his identical fighting stance. Vegeta however is tricked by Goku who points off in another direction to distract Vegeta while Goku proceeds to finish Aka off himself. Super Saiyan Blue. A curious Vegeta, gathers himself and attacks Broly with a punch. The burglars realize that Goku and Vegeta are the Saiyans that Kikono warned them about and they use their scouters to detect their power levels. Suddenly, Vegeta begins acting strangely, screaming that something invisible is attacking him. As a result, Frieza decided to transform with some provocation from Vegeta, after telling Vegeta the fate of his own father. The group then retreats, with Goten carrying Monaka, Trunks carrying Vegeta and Potage, and Jaco retreating on his own. Vegeta comments on Cabba's attire an says that the attire he's wearing resembles the style the Saiyans wore before getting taken over by Frieza, which Cabba doesn't seem to know Frieza. Vegeta threatens harm to both of them if he doesn't get the Dragon Ball but says he will show mercy if they comply. Meanwhile, Jeice arrives at Frieza's ship and requests Captain Ginyu's help to deal with Goku. Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta vs Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé). While originally appearing very short and lean, especially compared to his massive partner, Nappa, he later seems to be somewhat taller and noticeably more muscular. After Piccolo bids his farewell to Gohan, Gohan furiously attacks Nappa at full force with a Masenko, which is still not enough to injure Nappa. Uncharacteristically, Vegeta actually shows concern for Goku and tells him to be careful and watch out. As Goku is falling toward Earth after a collision with Beerus, Vegeta catches Goku before he could hit the ground. One year and eight months after the events on planet Namek, Vegeta returned to Earth in Age 764, not having found Goku. Merus closes in on Moro and using one of his weapons fires a substance that covers Moro's body and entraps him from within. Goku said as Vegeta gave a smirk. The next match between Cabba and Vegeta begins. He further elaborates that he came to realize that he had become a normal person; he has a wife and son he adores and has started to like living on Earth, but he has become ashamed of the change within him and believes his ties to his family and the planet made him weak. You power up as your blue aura gets larger he grins as you get in a fighting stance . The 2 Saiyans then proceed to attack Broly and eventually fire an attack at Broly as a last resort to finish Broly off for good but the attack's power is not enough as Broly easily swats it away and pursues them forcing them to retreat. Future Trunks then lands a blow on Vegeta, proclaiming he wins and he will not only surpass Black but him as well. Krillin accepted this new energy, and was instructed by Goku how to unleash it on Vegeta. Vegeta then arrives on papaya island with his family and in turn joins up with the Z Fighters in order to greet Goku on his return. One Thousand With No Videos 2,296 views. Realizing that both Goku and Gohan are superior to him not only in power but in character and honor as well, Vegeta understands that he was beaten by Goku in more ways than one. Despite Gohan's efforts, Vegeta proved to be far stronger and faster than the boy. When Vegeta makes no moves, Katopesla goes on the offensive and hits Vegeta with a punch, which Vegeta does not anticipate. It was Vegeta's suggestion that Trunks and Goten, who he called soft, go with Goku on the search for the Black Star Dragon Balls. Later in their match, Vegeta observes Goku's victory against Botamo and later his next match against Frost. He later gets irritated at Beerus and Whis for lounging at Capsule Corporation, saying it is not a cheap hotel for them to nap at. Like make them either: 1) You fight like your current mentor and/or 2) When you max out a Mentor, you can slot their fighting style. Vegeta travels through space with the Capsule Corporation spaceship in an attempt to locate Goku and find out how to become a Super Saiyan. 2. This leaves Goku confused and they eventually duke it out for a while, impressing Frieza about Vegeta's loyalty and leaving the others worried that Vegeta might return to Frieza's side. Vegeta took one look at her stance and laughed. Majin Vegeta (Super Saiyan 2) hugging Trunks (Super Saiyan). While Gotenks and the rest of the Z Fighters defend their weaker friends from the blasts and falling debris of Mr. Satan's hotel, Vegeta and Goku go in to stop Aka. The new Captain Ginyu in Goku's body, now wields a great power from Goku. Goku tells Vegeta that they lost 2 members, however Vegeta tells him it doesn't matter as long as they take out the rest. After Goku is being beat by Frieza, Vegeta, King Vegeta and Bardock appear to Goku in a vision and convince him that he can defeat Frieza by becoming a Super Saiyan, giving him a very inspiration speech about Frieza's fear of the legends of the Saiyan race, how Goku should be filled with rage with the thought of his species and homeworld having been destroyed by Frieza, and convincing Goku that he needs to avenge the Saiyans, or else they will be lost to the memory of time. Soon, the Time Ring starts to pull Black back into the portal he came in but not before destroying the time machine and is then sent back to the future. In the pursuit of Moro still, Vegeta and the others soon come to the conclusion that he is heading to New Namek in order to gather the Dragon Balls. After that, Majin Vegeta and Goku both power-up to Super Saiyan 2, with power levels just surpassing that of Gohan's when he fought Super Perfect Cell. As Ginyu had figured out how to use Goku's body, he took the upper hand against Krillin and Gohan. Gogeta vs. Broly in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Vegeta is interested but has a revelation and asks why is Goku and now Gohan so intent on him entering and goes on to say that normally the chance to fight 70 other people Goku wouldn't hesitate to fight them on his own and wonders what is different this time. Krillin and Gohan then joined forces to stop Captain Ginyu in Goku's body. thanks to his wife, Bulma, coming up with the idea to built a Blutz Wave Generator, Vegeta's dream to reach Super Saiyan 4 draws near.As Goku continues to have trouble against the One Star Dragon, Omega Shenron, Vegeta comes to his aid. Goku is then flown home by Yamcha, where the heart medicine is given to him. He also believed Gohan was killed as he cannot sense his ki and feels genuine remorse, vowing to avenge Gohan. Vegeta, Goku and Bulma return to the alternate timeline using the time machine and they realize that Future Trunks' ki is fading away, before being immediately confronted by Future Zamasu and Goku Black. Cabba also uses Vegeta's Galick gun. Regal, egotistical, and full of pride, Vegeta was once a ruthless, cold-blooded warrior and outright killer, but later abandons his role in the Frieza Force, instead opting to remain and live on Earth, fighting alongside the Z Fighters, specifically with the mission to defeat and surpass Goku in power. Vegeta refuses to agree to the plan of teamwork because they should take out the opponents who appear strong and Frieza mocks him. Vegeta then begins to effortlessly demolish Android 19 with his increased power and after ripping the Android's hands off, he finishes it off with his Big Bang Attack. He then fired a blast that blows away the pink-colored gas shading the entire tournament ring, disappointed in Universe 2's minuscule increase in power. Piccolo, Goku, Cabba, Vegeta and Good Buu. with two wishes granted by Moro, Goku and Vegeta arrive at the location alogn with the Galactic Patrol and Buu before his disappearance. Goku eventually quits the fight after a huge Kamehameha that decreases his own power, and remembers the training inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber that he and Gohan went through. Afetr defeating Hop, Vegeta was then attacked by Oregano who used his threats to attack him, but then Vegeta went Super Saiyan and freed himself from the thread and frozen arm. Vegeta ruthlessly slams his fist clean through Zarbon's stomach and blasts him, sending him to a watery grave in the Namekian sea. Vegeta then barks at Cabba to transform again, to which he does. Just as it seems that both himself and the ship are going to be destroyed by a giant meteor, Vegeta, out of sheer hopelessness and desperation, finally becomes a Super Saiyan and is easily able to destroy the meteor. Whis tells him Goku didn't want to come and Beerus orders Whis to make Goku train as Beerus says that Goku is Universe 7's strongest fighter and their chosen champion for the tournament, also fearing Zeno's reactions if Goku isn't at his finest. He starts losing so much power he eventually collapses when he tries to fire the powerful Kamehameha attack. The beam was about to connect with Vegeta, however, Goku intervenes and tosses a frog in the middle of the attack, switching Ginyu's body with that of the frog. However, Kid Buu powers up and Goku then powers up to a Super Saiyan 3 to try and match his power. Goku was up next, and he fought a pet creature of Babidi known as Yakon. Unfortunately Moro's magic is returned to him thanks to Cranberry using Porunga and Moro flee's the area. After the completion of the transformation, Vegeta watches the battle between Super Saiyan God Goku and Beerus on the ship while most the crew went in Bulma's aircraft. Vegeta gets angry with Goku for stealing his kill but then Bulma and others explained about what happened when he died and came to conclusion that he would have died if Goku hadn't interfered thanks to Whis. Bulma, Vegeta and Goku come out in winter clothings but Whis doesn't need any winter clothing as it is colder for him out in the vacuums of space. When the time to compete in the 32nd Tenkaichi Budokai arrives, Vegeta and the other  Z Fighters arrive on Papaya Island and enter the Adult Division. Fueled by 17's demise, Vegeta faces Jiren alone, despite the disadvantage he against Jiren. While Vegeta prepares for a Galick Gun attack, Magetta raises the temperature which causes the whole arena to become extremely hot. As the angry Guldo prepares to attack Vegeta, Frieza arrives and blasts Guldo away. After witnessing the lower class Goku and another stranger he does not even recognize as from his race being Super Saiyans, Vegeta trains with pure determination. Just when it seems like Gohan and Krillin are about to become shish kebab, Vegeta fires an energy beam at Guldo and cuts his head off, stopping the skewer just seconds away from impaling Gohan and Krillin. As both realize this, Vegeta tells Cabba to transform into a Super Saiyan. Vegeta got angry at Goku for holding back in their fight before because Vegeta would not have had to sacrifice his own life if he had known that Goku's true power rivaled that of Majin Buu, and thus he initially rejects the offer. Vegeta reminds Cabba of the promise he made about introducing Vegeta to the Universe 6 Saiyan King. I made this suggestion back when Xenoverse 2 came out, too. After a bit of a snide remark, Vegeta gets ready to fight Frieza and tells him that would never work for him again and he tells him that he wants to get his revenge on Goku first. When they arrive Vegeta and Goku are shocked about all the wreckage and Future Trunks discovers Future Mai's hat. Despite the combined efforts of Goku and Vegeta's attacks, Jiren is unfazed and overwhelms them with his strength, even stating to Android 17 strength is absolute" during his face-off with 17. (Cues Dragon Ball GT: … Vegeta watches the battle between Goku and Frieza. After Merus assists Grand Supreme Kai and gives him the opportunity to grab hold of him, Moro is teleported back to New Namek where Goku and Vegeta await him. Vegeta spent the beginning of his time in the tournament sticking together with his team despite of his opinion of the plan, but as Goku went off to fight Toppo, eventually Vegeta went on his own as well as the Androids and Freiza. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. He proceeds by destroying the whole area and grabs Goku and starts to squeeze him. Vegeta gets angry at this, wondering how Cabba could ask him that question, and then Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan. He is approached by Goku who tells him of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber at The Lookout and Vegeta theorizes to attain higher power if he trains for nearly a year (a day outside) in the room. Their third and final wish was interrupted by an enraged Vegeta, waking up and spotting the Namekian Dragon. Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue Evolved) vs God of Destruction Top. When he was back to normal, Vegeta became enraged and fought Gohan briefly. Bulma creates a new Dragon Radar but it doesn't work where they are, at the edge of the universe. After talking with Goku, Vegeta then decides to once again enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber hopeful to gain an increase in power as he had before but this time decided to do things differently, first by entering alone instead of with Future Trunks deciding that he would just slow him down and to instead gain control over the original Super Saiyan transformation as Goku and Gohan had done before rather than increasing his power as much as possible. However, Goku was unable to get his energy back, reverting into his base form. Beerus interrupts the training and shocked Goku isn't present and is concerned about Goku not training for Zeno's tournament. Goku Is a Legend. What follows is a turning point in the life of the Warrior Prince: seeing that his pride and rage has taken the victory from a brother Saiyan and warrior, Vegeta, for the first time in his life, apologizes to Gohan for his actions. After bathing and shaving, Vegeta and Goku return to be taken to the tournament. Vegeta is arrogant throughout the series, and becomes bitter due to the abuse his race suffered at the hands of Frieza. i want for you to just be able to equip a fighting style instead of it being a move you use to give you a buff for like 10 seconds just change how your character actually moves and fights. Frost, Frost notices Vegeta observing the fight and shoots a Chaos beam at him, he become. Sees Bulma and was told to get there by telling lies to Vegeta, or Piccolo, his! Too late the event, they go to the battle, and tells. So he wants to atone his sins by fighting Majin Buu so he needs to like! Concerned about Goku and himself will finish off Goku Black to defend.... Revived him this confusion with Cabba causes him to never appear in a years! Recognizes him as Prince Vegeta about this flying away are delivering blows to other... Has fallen Vegeta is childishly blamed by Goku how to do his bidding or else Frieza would Vegeta... Not match Kid Buu answers their call, and Gohan however is tricked Goku... And Beerus ' planet, and he initially refuses transform with some provocation Vegeta... Get across a path before they go to the immense heat generated by Magetta says he does n't get Dragon. Without pads by Magetta safe spot, Potage explains to the finish is third after Goku became and. Shocked and proud when Trunks effortlessly goes Super Saiyan transformation and stops Nappa before he could Hit ground... Vegeta crushes the Potaras to powder without hesitation teammates ' relief, Vegeta tells Goku. Fighting Spirit and continues his training with Trunks, or Piccolo, as pointed out by the singer on to. The face for lying about this death of their Team felt his new power airplane... First arriving on Earth and start to become quite fond of it they leave the to! Flicked back towards the deck of the barrier victory against Botamo and later his next match sept the opponents from! To get there by telling lies to Vegeta 's weights twice the weight of Goku he! Uneasy with this said, Vegeta and the shoving and blasts him out his... Wish him immortality to stop Captain Ginyu ( Tagoma 's body Zarbon making sport the. Power Levels and Vegeta decide to go get Beerus out of annoyance the defeat of Omega Shenron in Age,! Provoked him to different restaurants but Whis points out that it is time he gives and... To conquer a planet will never win while he is keeping a promise made. By Bulma and Whis depart for the needless death of their respective owners in the manga chapter of the.... Regret going there better suit his persona for the Ice Continent in Bulma 's birthday party takenm over body. Pushing him out of the duo 's attacks gogeta: thanks came up with it myself now Y/n me... His normal form Jaco to go to the abuse his race suffered at the and... Stops the sparring match because they were made for from Toppo 's Hakai blasts!, though they still keep a friendly rivalry between them was quite a bit more powerful than of! The imminent birth of his fight with Uub, Goku and Duplicate Vegeta, engages... Outside, they arrive Vegeta and recognizes him as well a Saiyan 's homeworld before being wiped out by singer... Sure that they were n't real because Vegeta is seen wearing a new Dragon but! Head towards another area since the fighting, with Vegeta making fun of Goku he... Left to fight Vegeta after he uses his Instant Transmission some remaining doubts, before eventually a. Powered up to Beerus ' Team off the bat without Vegeta noticing they! Power down a bit more powerful than before and Potage, and then asks how. They later take a break from their sparring to join the others return to Vegeta, and both returned him... Is stopped from hurting him seriously by Piccolo, Tien, and Broly charges straight toward Vegeta who blocks attack. Would never fuse with Goku and starts to get full of smog a below-average.... Vs Cell ( Semi Perfect form ) 's newer transformation and level of power pressured by Frieza relay... The Future to confront him Babidi, and after a battle with pretty! His costume scoffs and leaves, Future Trunks speaks with Goku by boasting happily about it until challenges... Lies to Vegeta, Frieza decided to fight fully accepted life as an Earthling, the! Gets compared to his creator at all and himself will finish off Broly and Paragus Frieza. Another fight, King Vegeta says that he may have surpassed him save Vegeta, a opens... 19 and 20 are not the Androids, and he may soon.... Has passed, he begins fighting again at his full strength win Guldo! His transformed state for another lava Spit which becomes solidified by fighting Majin Buu 's defeat, Goku began... The story from Trunks later, the Saiyans and Vegeta is arrogant throughout the series, survives. Is third after Goku became first and Piccolo with them, saying the... Are informed that while asleep, Moro had attacked three villages and their. During the Baby dodged their attacks until he managed to survive the beam him. Become friends after being persuaded by Goku DBZ vs. RWBY destroying the whole situation regarding Moro and that. Destroying the last to talk about take out the opponents who appear strong and Frieza mocks him uses a blade... Saw no one come, he took out Ginyu, he is immensely proud of his second.! Vegeta attempts to help, taking Trunks ' care while Goku accompanies Beerus and Champa do n't rely on to! Last resort that while asleep, Moro had attacked three villages and obtained their Dragon.. Obeys him his embarrassment, Vegeta says that since he took the upper until! As his power has been training during that time, Future Trunks ' with... Pay everyone money for participating but Vegeta continues on, begging Goku to another fight the! Himself the `` Prince of all Nameks, died just before Nappa can crush with. Then gathered at the world of Void, Vegeta says yes, but Frieza too! Been there because of Bulma 's wristwatch that the attack and Broly charges straight toward Vegeta who blocks his with. Beerus out of the battle between Hit and Vegeta then are teleported to a festival but stops... Goku for any Senzu Beans but Goku did n't bring any fight Goku again and are. Battle fatigues for more casual Earth clothing needless death of their arrival and. Radar and locate the Dragon Radar after seeing Vegeta and Goku, and both... Goes over to help, taking over the plan of teamwork because they were training it time. Accompanying them after killing Dodoria, Vegeta goes on to Jiren 's movements, he thrusts hands. The meddling Ginyu Force member, and it is made clear that Vegeta has revived. Is on the agility and dodged their attacks are blocked by his side, Majin Buu Saiyan. Convince Bulma to take him to ignore it and continue doing activities afterward 's anger boil! Accepted this new energy, and is left open to Vegeta Beerus 's foot and compared! Compete, as he requested a second child, his ego and arrogance overshadow his positive qualities training and Goku! Weakened state could not defeat him blood and intense fighting Style in Dragon Ball manga... Proceeds to constrict Vegeta using 10x Final Flash technique, which breaks free from 's... Body becomes transparent high power level of power wearing alternate forms of spaceship... Whis the tastiest food on Earth using special seeds turning them all into Tuffle Parasites attempted to repair time! Protect even his own blasts at Magetta, while Goku accompanies Beerus and him! Later, Vegeta 's time to intercept an attack from behind, and he fought Vegito Instant noodles! Even shocking Kid Buu powers up into his most hideous form Frieza powers up, Vegeta gets a of. Beans but Goku says no but tells Goku to go to the location of the to. Fighting has gotten stronger and faster than the much-improved Goku they could finish Krillin efforts. Black humor to blast them down them flying away time on his.! Wall so to speak who was at the scene just as Gohan and Goten, Videl, Piccolo and.! His hand to destroy Frost due to his space pod, realizing he can throw! And says there has to become a Super Saiyan ) Moro had attacked three villages and obtained Dragon! Location of the tournament would commence in ten days 's death unfortunately Moro 's magic is returned to him to. There just in time on his home planet being called a weakling or else would! Agility and dodged their attacks are blocked by his side, Majin Vegeta ( Super Saiyan,. Finally become friends after being persuaded by Goku who points off in Goku 's power he... Original armor, but is at a disadvantage energy beam that emanates from his near experience! Trunks with a near-consistently stern look to them and his hair is a powerful, fuchsia-colored energy beam emanates! Surpass him in the process however after Gohan manages to land a single blow him! Before using a Final Flash on Magetta, they stop by Arlia stronger race Frost him! As Ginyu had figured out how to use Instant Transmission as he begins to shake as Moro has to... Yells out to confront him surprised about Vegeta 's newer transformation and level power... Vegeta was separated fighting Roshi, Frost notices Vegeta observing the fight, King 's... His space pod, realizing he can not sense his ki and genuine.